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13 May, 2016


Islas Canarias

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Welcome to our blog! We’ll show you why the Canary Islands are the world’s top LGBT destination. These links will take you to the most useful articles on our website: When to visit the Canary Islands… Read more …

13 July, 2017

We’re featured in Shangay mag!


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Here at Bring your Holidays out of the Closet we’re celebrating: we’ve been featured in Shangay magazine! Spain’s top gay and lesbian mag is promoting the Canary Islands in its travel supplement, Voyager. The two-page… Read more …

6 July, 2017

Gay cliques: bears



We live in a society with very strict canons of beauty. For decades it was women who suffered the cruel demands of having the perfect body, but with the arrival of equality, we men began… Read more …

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